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Releasing the Fear & Walking in Faith Challenge

This challenge is meant to reinforce the principles and lessons that you have learned in the book, so that you move beyond just being Releasing the Fear Bookinspired to doing. The goal is that you will be empowered to implement the principles outlined, and watch God enlarge your territory and transform your life. 

This challenge is not for you if you are satisfied with the status quo or if you are not ready for change. However, if you are ready to embrace who you are in Christ and step out boldly in passion and purpose, then this is for you. 

Here’s what we will cover in the challenge:
Discovering who God really is
Discovering Your identity in Christ
Discovering God’s promises to You
Discovering steps to claiming His promises
 Discovering the truth about taking massive action and then making a plan to do just that.
By the time you are through with the challenge, you will be equipped and ready to make some life changing moves
for the betterment of not only yourself, but those you serve as well.
Does this sound like something you would like to be a part of? Are you worth what this challenge offers?
If so, click here to sign up now.

Wait, there’s More!

Bonus #1: You will receive a copy of Releasing the Fear & Walking in Faith. You can either sell it for $15 if you already have a copy or plant a seed by gifting it to someone. With careful watering, you will receive a bountiful harvest.
Bonus #2: You will have the opportunity (if you so choose) to be a part of my next book project, The Faith Walkers Journey: What happens when you take massive action. Anyone who participates will be co-authors of this book.
Here’s the crazy part. With all that you are getting in this challenge, the investment is a mere $29 (valued at $129).
Are you worth $29? You are worth so much more. God says you are invaluable. 

Are you ready to do what it takes to implement the steps towards becoming a better you, a more effective servant,
and be the change you want to see in this world? Then this challenge is for you.


Take the Releasing the Fear & Walking in Faith Challenge. This journey helps you take the leap to walking boldly in faith, embracing your purpose, and accomplishing more than you ever thought or desired.


During this challenge, you will receive live audio commentary and intimate details from the author to boost your faith, learn to operate in your strengths and kickstart your purpose. The lessons will come right to your inbox.

Releasing the Fear BookReleasing The Fear & Walking In Faith

The most repeated command in the Bible is “Do Not Fear” or Fear Not.” God in His wisdom knew how much of a stronghold fear would be on His children. God wants fear exposed. He wants His people to stop believing the lie of fear and start trusting in Him. He wants you to put your full dependence in Him. Are you ready to stop being afraid and start living? If your answer is yes, then let’s journey together as we release the fear and walk in faith.

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